13 värvilist isekleepuvat LED-tõukevalgustit kaugjuhtimispuldiga

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13 värvilist isekleepuvat LED-tõukevalgustit kaugjuhtimispuldiga
13 värvilist isekleepuvat LED-tõukevalgustit kaugjuhtimispuldiga

We know that there are many points in your home where you need task lighting. Lighting that only illuminates a specific spot, not the entire room. Here are some of those areas:

13 värvilist isekleepuvat LED-tõukevalgustit kaugjuhtimispuldiga

Cabinets, wardrobes, stairs, vanity, laundry, dresser, drawers etc; Ah, there is a never ending list. Every time you need to turn on your flashlight to illuminate that corner, you think about getting a mini lamp or even a small nightlight. Wait, no need to search for emergency lights or cell phones for extra lighting! Here are the most sought after single lamps you never knew you wanted. These battery powered push lights can be affixed anywhere and come in 13 different colors – talk about variety. They’re also ergonomic, energy efficient and cute.

13 värvilist isekleepuvat LED-tõukevalgustit kaugjuhtimispuldiga

Mida saate:

  • Small but bright lights: Each push light is worth 60 lumens that will illuminate any drawer or cabinet to easily place the contents. Because they are tiny in size, they can also be used as push on led lights for the wall.
  • Traadita võrgu kasutamine: No wiring required. The lights are powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included) and the remote control is powered by 1 CR2032 battery (not included). Bonus: They have a long runtime of 80,000 hours to illuminate your dark corners for a long time.
  • Drill-free installation: You don’t have to drill holes that spoil your interior, just for bright lighting. Instead, press these battery push lights and stick it literally anywhere in the house.
  • Mitmekülgne rakendus: Push button lights can be installed almost anywhere you want. No need to turn on the ceiling lamp in the room at night when you need to remove nail clippers or rummage through the kitchen cabinet for biscuits without waking your children sleeping in the next room.
  • Täiustatud funktsionaalsus: Self-adhesive push lamps can be operated remotely and manually. With the help of the remote control, you can manually change the 13 colors and the 4 colors (red, green, blue) by pressing the top button.
  • Great light for indoor plants: If you have an indoor plant in your office or home, these round push lights can be your best choice. It provides just the right amount of lighting an indoor plant needs. So make your peperomias and jade plants bloom with life now.

13 värvilist isekleepuvat LED-tõukevalgustit kaugjuhtimispuldiga

Kuidas kasutada:

  • Open the battery compartment by turning it counterclockwise.
  • Put 3 AAA batteries inside. Close the lid.
  • Peel off the cover on the back of the lights.
  • Clean and dry the surface before installing the push light on it.
  • Push the curved surface inward to turn on the light.

13 värvilist isekleepuvat LED-tõukevalgustit kaugjuhtimispuldiga


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