LED eeterlike õlide leeklambi difuusor


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LED eeterlike õlide leeklambi difuusor
LED eeterlike õlide leeklambi difuusor

Improve your home’s air quality by powering our LED Essential Oil Flame Lamp Diffuser! It effectively eliminates bad odors and smoke and protects everyone against excessively dry air that can cause dust allergies, dry skin and much more.

LED eeterlike õlide leeklambi difuusor

This LED Essential Oil Flame Lamp Diffuser was created by integrating the virtual flame into an essential oil diffuser that enchants your space. All you have to do is add two to three drops of essential oil (not included) to it to make your surroundings feel more comfortable. Even better, it has a realistic flame effect that creates a serene atmosphere inside your home.

LED eeterlike õlide leeklambi difuusor

  • Automaatne väljalülitus: This is equipped with a built-in water level sensor for your added safety. If the water level drops below the required level, it will automatically shut down to avoid any accident.
  • Long-lasting mist: Featuring a large-capacity water tank, it can hold 200ml of water to give you a longer misting time. Apart from that, it has three timer settings that you can easily set for 1, 3 or 6 hours.
  • Vaikne töö: Built with your comfort in mind, it won’t make a loud noise during operation. That way, you can relax or sleep after a long day of work while a quietly soothing scent radiates around you.
  • Kompaktne disain: Its compact size makes it easy to place on your counter, desk or any flat surface. Besides, it is extremely easy to carry, making it a portable and practical humidifier that everyone in your family can use.

LED eeterlike õlide leeklambi difuusor

Kasutage ettevaatlikult:

  • This is a LED Essential Oil Flame Lamp Diffuser, no need for cotton swabs, you can add non-corrosive essential oils to diffuse the aroma.
  • Please be sure to use a 5V2A adapter for power supply, otherwise the circuit may be damaged.
  • Please make sure the water level is below the MAX line, please do not allow water to enter the vent, otherwise it may damage the circuit.

LED eeterlike õlide leeklambi difuusor


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