Koerte šampooni jaoturi pintsel

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Koerte šampooni jaoturi pintsel
Koerte šampooni jaoturi pintsel

Bathing should be your beloved dog’s biggest fear, and it should be just as tiring for you. Opening the Dog Shampoo Dispenser Brush, holding the water supply, brushing the furry pet and keeping him comfortable is a seemingly fun but difficult process.

Koerte šampooni jaoturi pintsel

But we have a miraculous product that will make bathing your four-legged pet a breeze. Give your dog a treat with this 2-in-1 shampoo dispenser scrub brush. Use it to brush your dog while the brush properly dispenses enough shampoo for you to scrub his body. No mess, no fuss, just a quick bath for your pet to get rid of all the mess.

Koerte šampooni jaoturi pintsel

Mida saate:

  • Lihtne kasutada: There is an opening on the top of the shampoo brush for dogs into which you can pour the shampoo. Small holes on the bristle side distribute the shampoo in a controlled amount, ensuring no wastage.
  • Useful for more than just dogs: This dispenser brush is not only for dogs, you can also use it for your cats and other animals. Rabbits, ponies, goats and cows, your farmhouse will be full of clean animals.
  • Quick bath time: You won’t have to repeatedly open and close shampoo bottles while bathing your dog. It will help you concentrate on the pet and take a bath much faster. The grip strap makes it easy to hold the brush, even with soapy hands.
  • Comfortable bath time for pets: The bristles on the brush are extremely soft and keep your dog comfortable. Thanks to this softness, your dog will not be irritated or hurt.

Koerte šampooni jaoturi pintsel


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